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I have spent most of my time in nature, recharging and learning
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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

#1 - Change

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Theodore Roosevelt

Welcome to the first issue of Health Secrets "Practical Spirituality" newsletter. Our desire for this newsletter is to inspire thought and change through quotes and exercises but with a little internet twist. We also give you the option to email us back your exercise response. This will of course remain private, but will give you the added incentive of knowing that someone is following your progress. This is also beneficial for us since we can adapt the next newsletter dependent upon your response. So let's begin.

So many people are unhappy with the way things presently are. But rather than change themselves, they attempt to change the externals such as their partners, jobs or children's behaviour. So what should they do and what's wrong with changing these externals if they don't seem to fit?

In order to attract new positive change, it is necessary that we ourselves reflect that change. Have you ever noticed how some people seem to have everything go their way? Is it because they are luckier than us? No, it is because they are better creators than us. They know what they want, and through their strong desires, the universe provides. It is their positive vibrations and sense of knowing that the universe always gives them what they want, is why they get what they want.

So if you are not focussing on what you want, you will get what you don't want. Which is why if you don't want to end up with the same job or relationship, change your thoughts!

Written Exercise
Identify 3 things in your life that you are not satisfied with presently and exactly what it is that makes you unsatisfied.
Now, how would like to see them? Re-write these 3 things in the way you would like them to be.
Thought Exercise
For the week, pay close attention to these 3 challenges. Each time you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts about any of the 3 things, immediately think of what you would like instead or something you do like about it.

#2 - Law of Attraction

"...our brains become magnetized with the dominating thoughts which we hold in our minds, and, by means which no man is familiar, these "magnets" attract to us the forces, the people, the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts" - Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich"

"The balance of your thought and corresponding emotion equals your life experience. If you are wanting to understand the balance of your thought, just look at what you are living. If you want to change what you are living - then you have only to change the balance of your thought" - Abraham-Hicks from the book of "A New Beginning II"

With credit to Abraham-Hicks and all the other great teachers, there is no better way to describe this weeks lesson except as the "Law of Attraction". Essentially the quotes says it all. What you think is what you get. What are your dominate thoughts?

Written Exercise
Identify 3 predominate thoughts in your life either positive or negative. List as many things in your life as you can that re-enforce or more correctly are a product of these thoughts.
For example,
Predominate thought:- I constantly think about my lack of money.
Reasons:- Can't buy that new car.- Can't go on that trip I wanted.- Can't always meet my bills.
Thought Exercise
For the week, play close attention to what you are thinking and what you attracting in your life. Become aware of all your thoughts but don't judge them on whether they are right or wrong. It is enough this week to just become aware of them.

#3 - Emotions and Vibration

"Your feelings are like a beacon, signaling to the universe where you are vibrationally,
and the universe will give you more of the same."
- Tunde-Anna Ertl
"Are you understanding that you are Creator? Are you understanding that in every moment whether you know it or not you are offering a vibrational output and that by Law of Attraction, the Universe is responding to that output? ... Are you coming to understand the role that your emotions play in your understanding of your signal? Oh, it is a wonderful thing when you begin to understand that how you are feeling, or the emotion that you are projecting, is an emotional/vibrational indicator of whatever your output is."
- Abraham/Hicks
In this issue, let's begin by first summarizing where we are. We first began by recognizing that in order to change our lives, WE must be that change. We alone are responsible for the present situation of our lives. We then moved into the "Law of Attraction" which basically states that what we are thinking is what we will attract. However, we have all tried to "think positive" but somehow this never seems to work completely. Why is that? Because what we are thinking is only onr dimension of who we are. There is also our feeling and emotions.
It has been proven by science that every object in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency. This would imply that your body also vibrates at a certain frequency. This frequency is a direct correlation to what you are feeling. Our feelings create a frequency or vibration and by simple physical laws will attract similar or the same.

Written Exercise
Write down up to 5 emotions that presently dominate your life.
Thought Exercise
For the week, pay close attention to how you FEEL. You may be telling yourself that you are "thinking positive" or everything is ok but underneath your feeling or emotions may be telling you something else. Be honest with yourself!

#4 - Correlation Between Thinking and Feeling

"Simply put, you believe that things or people make you unhappy, but this is not accurate. You make yourself unhappy because of the thoughts that you have about the people or things in your life. Becoming a free and healthy person involves learning to think differently. Once you can change your thoughts, your new feelings will begin to emerge, and you will have taken the first step on the road to your Personal Freedom."
- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer "Your Erroneous Zones"

In the previous two issues, we asked you first to pay attention to your thoughts. Then we asked you to observe your feelings. In this issue we want to tie the two together. You cannot have a thought without a corresponding feeling. So, if the balance of your present thoughts are negative in nature, then your predominate feelings will also be negative in nature. There are only two basic emotions generated by thoughts, those that feel good and those that don't. By being aware of your feelings, you can catch yourself in thought patterns that do not serve you and take the necessary steps to consciously choose something that does serve you but this new thought should be in direct relation to the thought you want to change. It is much easier to change a thought than a feeling.

Written Exercise
In Issue#1 we asked you to pick 3 areas of your life you would like to change. Write down 1 sentence that is in alignment with wanting to feel good about each of these 3 areas.
Thought Exercise
For the week, we again want you to pay close attention to how you FEEL. When you catch yourself feeling negative or down in any of the 3 areas, pay attention to the thought that caused it. Then immediately substitute the thought with the following words

"Nothing is more important than I feel good."
Then immediately say the sentence from the written exercise that is applicable to this area. Then build on this sentence by thinking more thoughts that are in alignment with it. By doing this you can change the balance of your thinking and the corresponding emotions.

From Issue#1: The area I would like to improve is my bodyweight. Your Present Thoughts: "I am unattractive; I can't fit in my clothes; No one will like me because of my weight; I feel guilty when I eat." Your Feel Good Sentence from the Written Exercise: "I am more than my bodyweight."
How it to apply it:
During the week, you look in the mirror and get depressed. You immediately stop.Then think "Nothing is more important that I feel good"."I am more than my bodyweight.""I am in control of my body." "I have the ability to achieve and maintain the ideal bodyweight"...etc

#5 - Deliberately Choosing Your Thoughts

"Your thoughts are drawing to you that which you concentrate upon. The dominate thought will overwhelm lesser thoughts to manifest a corresponding reality in the key areas of your life - your health, relationships, career and your financial and spiritual well-being.
It is important to know what you want in all these areas. If you don't, you will attract confusion and all the undesirable effects that come along with it.
"Set your own tone and the Universe will respond to your tone"- Abraham/Hicks

Most people attract events in their life by default because they are not choosing that which they want. In the last issue you began the process of consciously interrupting your thought patterns. Now that you realize you are no longer a victim of your thoughts, it is time to take a more proactive approach. The first step in this process will be to look for things or feelings you want to include in your life.

Written Exercise
Imagine that you have just won $100,000. Write down all the things you would do with this new money. Write down with each item how it would make you feel.
Thought Exercise
Throughout the week, look for examples of things/ideas/feelings that you want to include in your life.